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Egg in a Basket Brunch Recipe

An Egg in a Basket Recipe is a fun way of serving up eggs and toast, and if you use fancy bread and colorful breakfast sides, you can even pass eggs in a basket off as an upscale brunch dish. I like to cook my egg toast with a lot of butter, making the bread rich and crispy like a crouton. For more tips on serving this easy breakfast recipe, check out

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All you need for Egg in a Basket

1 large EGG
1 slice BREAD
About 1-2 Tbsp BUTTER

How to Make Eggs in a Basket …and fancy it up

Egg in a basket is a super simple breakfast dish to prepare, and a fun way to cook up breakfast. But if you jazz the egg recipe up a bit, it can easily transform into a fancy brunch meal for anytime of the day.

1 — Use a nice bread. In the video, I use a Thyme and Olive loaf. It’s super tasty all on it’s own, so it’s naturally going to elevate a simple egg in a basket dish.

2 — I like to buy a whole loaf and slice it myself. A nice rustic cut of bread makes a dish fancier.

3 — Cut your bread slices about ½ an inch thick, and don’t cut the egg hole in the bread TOO BIG. You want the egg to fill the hole, and not stretch out too thin. And you want enough bread surface around the hole to toast up.

4 — Heat a skillet on low-medium heat. Add butter and melt.

5 — Add in the bread slice and coat butter on one side, then flip and butter up the other side. Let the bread grill for a minute or so until it begins to brown. Then flip and let the other side grill.

6 — Break an egg into the hole in the toast. Let the egg cook long enough to set, then flip the toast and let the egg cook on the other side.

7 — Once the egg is cooked to your desire, remove the egg bread from the skillet and serve hot.

This is a great recipe to serve over a salad, or anything you like, especially if you’re like me and enjoy over-easy style eggs; a runny yolk makes a great sauce. Garnish your egg bread with cilantro, parsley, or your favorite fresh herbs, and this simple childhood dish will instantly become a fancy treat.

Do you have a favorite salad dressing or sauce? Drizzle a bit over egg in a basket, because that’s what they’d do in a hipster restaurant, and then charge you $20 for “Eggs al Basquet”.

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