Slow Cooker Recipes

4 Easy Slow Cooker Recipes & Meals / 4 Comidas en la Olla de Cocción Lenta

In today’s video we will be preparing 4 super easy and healthy slow cooker recipes. Scroll down to get full recipes.

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– Creamy Chicken & Rice Casserole –

Not only is chicken, rice, and broccoli a staple fitness meal, it’s also one of the most beloved comfort food meals. So, let’s combine the two to make a comfort food makeover that nourishes your body and pleases your palate.

– Vegan Bulgogi Tacos –

The best recipes are often fusion, combining the flavors and elements of different cuisines. We’re mixing the saltiness of bulgogi and with the spiciness of tacos. Tastes so good, you won’t believe it’s vegan.

– Keto Chicken Gumbo –

We are cranking the spice and flavor up in our diet with Cajun cuisine! We’re putting a spin on a seafood classic, gumbo. Technically, it’s hard to imagine gumbo without seafood, but we’re doing this to make it meal prep and budget friendly. We’re boosting the fats a bit as well to make this easier for those following a keto diet.

– Marinara & Eggplant Parm –

Marinara is a pantry or fridge staple. It’s great to have on hand to make quick pasta dishes or liven up any dish with a savory Italian-flavored sauce, especially overcooked chicken breasts.

This will last in the fridge in an airtight container for more than a week, but it’s best to store in the freezer so it’ll last for much longer. We’re gonna pair this with crispy baked eggplant for a comfort food makeover treat.

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