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Mechado Recipe in Instant Pot! | How To Cook Filipino Beef Stew | Filipino Beef Recipes


Learn how to cook Filipino food with this Filipino food recipe book:
Full Recipe:

I finally learned how to use the instant pot, and I hope this recipe helps you use it as well! HIT THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON for more food videos!

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Mechado, afritada, kaldereta….there’s so many Filipino stews and it’s difficult to tell them apart sometimes! In this week’s recipe, we are making “mechadong baka”, aka Filipino beef stew in tomato sauce.

Go ahead and watch my afritada recipe in my channel, it’s very similar to beef mechado! You’ll probably love that recipe as well.

The best part of using the instant pot is only having to wash ONE container, and you can saute, slow cook, pressure cook, and MORE!

I was super confused when I first used it, but having to make this recipe helps a lot. I hope you found it useful as well. Thanks for watching!

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